Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wedding Photos - Round 1

Thanks to the artistic talents of Renee Glick and the professional photography resources of Conrad Erb we have a couple of pics available to view at the following links - the first link connects you to black and white photos and the 2nd link takes you to colorful shots of the day:

1. black and white
2. color
3. From uncle Harold

We also have a plethora of photos to sort through from our photographer Gerry Moore, the best of those will be posted soon. Stay Tuned.

Life after Summer...

Camp is over! It's bittersweet. A sweet staff, fun campers, people on and off the hill all summer long! It was a great summer - lots of kids being loved on by a talented, excited group of staff. Let us know if you're intersted in more specific stories. So we're sad to see it go, but glad to be able to breathe again...sort of. There is still plenty to do around camp to clean up from summer, host rentals and tie up loose ends before we leave in October. We also have a long to do list in our own lives as we haven't spent much time on that since summer started - including many wedding tasks - including sharing some of that day with any of you who are interested. Stay tuned for more pictures being posted. Video footage and ongoing updates as we prepare to head to the other side of the world in October...


Click here for all sorts of pictures from parts of our lives