Friday, September 18, 2009

A new fundraising method - weedwhacking

I had a new experience today. I weed-whacked - for cash. I have done that many hours in my teen years but this time, the cash was for camp and not my own pocket. One of our donors called up recently and said he knew we needed money. He said he needed some weed-whacking done. His proposition was that I send someone from camp down to do the necessary trimming and he'd send a check.

Well, summer is over and it's just me and Cheeks and Margaret on the hill now. So, the one to get the job was I. At first, I found it a strange deal. Then, as I thought about this idea of serving it didn't seem like a strange deal at all. Why should we not exchange resources. I have a young, able body and he has extra money. We need money, he needs a body to run around on a hillside with an engine spinning plastic string.

It's a little like the time recently when we paid a friend and counselor to paint our house. He needed cash, we needed some painting done and didn't have a week to take off and do it.

Tomorrow a bunch of us from church are going down to Woodstock to meet a bunch of people not from church to paint a woman's house. This woman's husband recently left her. He didn't only leave her, he left a bunch of unfinished house projects. And so when our church decided to explore a new form of outreach, Matt started talking about this friend of theirs who needs help. And this way of Jesus once again rose to the surface. This way of giving to and caring for those in need. As we do that, we find ourselves, our innocence and our Creator.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hiking up and Skiing Down Mt. Washington

What a great day. Three of us hiked and skied for the entire day... in April! Gotta love the Northeast.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Tiger and Tuna go rope swinging

Dave Landis and I spent a little time on the Nitro Swing at camp today. We were roommates in college at EMU our freshman year.


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