Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Problem with American Presidential Races

The problem with American Presidential races, at least the one that struck me today is this - there's no Jesus! Jesus taught us to love our enemies.  That's a tough teaching.

Hold that in your mind...

Think for a moment about the two-party warfare we have been fueling for many years. At a broad level, the tactic most seekers-of-office employ is to highlight why the other side is wrong. Unfortunately, so often, there is very little detail, evidence or argument and so one must basically adhere to and believe in the story told (there is very little room for thought about specifics). The statements made are simple - "my plan is better than the other side's plan and so you should elect me."  Fine. But then it almost always goes a step further. "By the way, my opponent has a bad plan that won't work (again, almost no reason for why it won't, but rather a repetition of the story being told)."  Often, suggestion is made that maybe the opponent is even a bad person.  Stories are told about how the Republicans or the Democrats messed everything up.  This assumption is nailed fast with conclusive statements like "and it's time for a change."

Our process is full of people directing hateful ideas toward others.  Maybe a little enemy-love would cause office-seekers to actually evaluate their opponents and begin to understand them.

And who knows what could come out of deep understanding not only of the other but also of their situation and our own.  Maybe a well-run government!


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