Thursday, October 25, 2012

Army of lovers - Shane Claiborne

As a Mennonite and Pacifist I get nervous about the term "Army." Yet Shane uses it in a way I like. He's talking about a group of people that present a strong force. While God doesn't seem to use force an Army of lovers is the best kind of army tere could be. His sentiment below reminds of what we talk about at camp - a community of love (

An Army of Lovers (excerpt from his book: Irresistible Revelation).

Shane Claiborne

Lovers are hard to come by. And I think that's what our world is desperately in need of--lovers, people who are building deep, genuine relationships with fellow strugglers along the way, and who actually know the faces of the people behind the issues they are concerned about. We are trying to raise up an army not simply of street activists but of lovers--a community of people who have fallen desperately in love with God and with suffering people, and who allow those relationships to disturb and transform them.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Barak Obama and Mitt Romney - third debate

The presidential debate tonight between Obama and Romney was interesting.

While I deeply appreciate the candidates interest in the global community not participating in or aiding terrorism, I get frustrated with the way the discussion is framed - specifically, the idea that people can be reduced to good/bad and nations as well. But it isn't about that - that's a cover. Tonights comments were about befriending the right nations so our safety and prosperity grow. That's actually domestic policy.

Another crazy idea: "this nation is the hope of the Earth." Seriously? I would say God is that hope. Even I I we're Mormon.

So often the candidates do not engage directly with the challenge of a given question but rather return to talking points and messages that if stated enough times people will believe are true.

And how about Obama giving it to Romney - "we don't need any more bayonets an horses and we don't need any more ships."


Monday, October 15, 2012

Realism and the end times

Every once in a while I'll be chatting with someone and they'll throw in something about the end times. They'll say "I know it's almost the end... just look around at what's happening."

Henri Nouwen writes:

When Jesus speaks about the world, he is very realistic. He speaks about wars and revolutions, earthquakes, plagues and famines, persecution and imprisonment, betrayal, hatred and assassinations. There is no suggestion at all that these signs of the world's darkness will ever be absent. But still, God's joy can be ours in the midst of it all. It is the joy of belonging to the household of God whose love is stronger than death and who empowers us to be in the world while already belonging to the kingdom of joy.

Amen brother!


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