Thursday, January 22, 2009

How Beautiful

How beautiful are the colors of our nation? Red, yellow and orange. How beautiful are the colors white, black and gray? I cried as I was watching this clip from the inauguration. They were tears of joy. Imagine being martyred for your beliefs. And imagine this day coming, as Dr. King imagined it. Imagine being a slave from western Africa and seeing your family torn apart, headed to different nations in the west. Imagine this day coming, finally, when at least the formal barriers of racism are broken down. Interestingly, Obama became elected because of the large numbers of Mexicans and Afro. Americans who turned out to vote. What a nation, where young people and minorities can change the course of history. This surely is a place that has tasted the kind of life God intends. Pray with me as you watch this the same thing that Dr. Rick Warren and Obama both talked about at the inauguration: that we may remember our wealth and freedom is not for us alone. They is to be shared. May we all approach this coming year simply, fending off the stuff that traps us and breaking free from the stuff that binds us.


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