Sunday, February 1, 2009

Central Vermont Human Resource Sharing

Central Vermont Human Resource Sharing
A list of talents and skills to be traded


Household and Physical Plant

Brenda Metzler
I do simple alterations, mending and basic sewing. my
fees are minimal and I’m happy to barter.

Gerry Hawkes
A tractor with Rotor tiller and bucket loader

A tractor with heavy duty brush chopper and debris rake
for rehabilitating overgrown fields or building trails
logging winches that attach to the tractors

power rake that attaches to a tractor for removing rocks
and smoothing trails and fields

portable and shop welders

chainsaws and numerous hand tools.

All the above would come with an operator.

Brandon Bergey
Video recording and editing – have an event you’d like recorded? Want to post a video online? Have some home video footage you’d like edited? I can help.
I’m happy to offer my experience (and my youthful arms and back) in landscaping, house repair and building and other chores around the house.
Bethany Birches Camp has many tools that can be rented for a fee.

Tyson Church
Tyson Ladies Aid
transportation, shopping, and light cleaning for Plymouth residents. To access Reach Out email rklynds at or call Janine Norman at 228-8764 or 228-7151. Our next community luncheon will be Feb 19 at 11 AM at the Tyson Church. We're keeping this to Plymouth and Tyson residents for now, expanding slowly and feeling our way. So we're going by invitation at present but if you know of any shut-ins or persons who need to get out in the Plymouth area, please let us know. We need to have people RSVP to the above number, also let us know if they need transportation. Thanks-Kathy

Wendy Hiers
Transportation of all kinds. I can pick up kids, adults, elderly and take them shoping, to the doctor etc. etc. I'll be happy to wait with them if they're going to an appointment that needs that.

If you know someone who would like to participate, have them send an email to brandonbergey at

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