Monday, October 26, 2009

Bethany Mennonite Church Goes Roofing

Greetings friends.  A friend of ours at Bethany Mennonite Church wrote this on Saturday:

Today's heavy rain/flooding will not be an issue for our place of worship, thanks to the hard work of those who donated their time and energy to replacing the roof above our heads in the sanctuary.  I thought about them all day, and am grateful that we have such devoted people in our congregation.  God bless the roofers!

Here are those roofers:


greendarkchocolate42 said...

love the roofers!!!

Brandon said...

glad you're lovin it greendarkchocolate42.

Gay said...

You made it look like fun! (Was it?) Good job, all!

Brandon said...

Gay, it was fun. Or, at least I had fun. That's good ol fashion barn-raising kind of stuff.


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