Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sightings of the Kingdomof Heaven

This past week, I traveled to EMU, Goshen and USI.  Cheeks joined me at Goshen and USI.  We made this trip to catch up with a bunch of our past staff and to find some new folks to join the BBC Family.  It was a great trip.  Though it involved a lot of traveling, it also included some Kingdom sightings.

Kingdom sightings are times, moments, experiences when one has felt or seen the Kingdom of God.  If you don't know what the Kingdom of God is, read through Matthew 13.  You could also listen to this podcast to get a better idea.


p.s. if you don't do the podcasting thing (see the right hand side of screen for instructions) you can just download the audio by right clicking here


Conrad Erb said...

bonjour. but wait! I'm confused. where is this aforementioned podcast?

Melissa Ritter said...

Wait, Amber was in Harrisonburg and you didn't let her visit me??

Brandon said...

Conrad! The podcast is a feed - you have to subscribe to the feed... you'll get the link on the right hand side of our blog. You can also follow those instructions. Thanks for asking about it.

And Missy - Amber wasn't in Hburg. She reallllyyyy wanted to come just to see you and this new person you've brought into the world.

Melissa Ritter said...

So do you have two sets of Cheeks in your life, or are you Cheeks and Amber is Big Tuna? I get confused, but in your blog you wrote, "Cheeks joined me at EMU and Goshen."


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