Wednesday, April 6, 2011

All winter long I've been trying to get myself some wax-less back-country skis. What's interesting, is that I've been avoiding doing the activity those skis are used for, even though I already have equipment to do that activity (which is ski around wherever you want).

Today, when I was out skiing (Skiing in April? How cool!) I remembered how silly it is to be waiting for the right gear. I already have an able body, a pair of telemark skis, boots, bindings and skins AND I live in the land of snow. We have snow for 4-6 months/year! So, I have everything I need to ski right outside my door and the only reason I didn't do it more is because I was looking online for the exact right ski to do it with. Weird.

Here's to spending more time doing the things we love and less time coveting the things we don't have.


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