Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Praying Life

Last night, Cheeks and I read on the deck.  It was a beautiful night.  Just amazing.  Moon was bright, humidity was high so the 56 degrees felt more like 65.  And we read a few pages from our book, A Praying Life. I continue to appreciate the way this book draws me near to the heart of God.  In this section (page 199) Paul Miller talks about story.  He talks of how God is telling, sharing, weaving stories, and when we enter those stories, life becomes rich and wonderful and challenging.  When we try to tell a story and pretend it’s the one God is telling, we get lost.

My prayer for today is simple:
Lord, I know you’re telling stories in my life.  I want to listen to your stories.  Will you help me hear them?  What’s the plot?  Maybe it’s the plot that are in a lot of your stories - helping us see, saving us from destruction, drawing us near to you.  Help me be willing to sacrifice, give up, change or otherwise do what it takes to enter your story.


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