Saturday, April 7, 2012

So last night Amber and I got to watch a movie.  Time for things like that is tight right now so it was a true joy to sit together.  And afterward, we watched more things.  In the middle of watching more things, Amber checked her Facebook feed (a common occurrence).  On one of our staff's profiles, was posted this misspelled line: "It's Friiidaayyyy..."  Of course, Amber wrote back: "But Sundayyys COMIN!"

If you don't get it, I have two words for you:
1) Easter
2) Tony

If you still don't get it, you simply have to watch this video!  This should take you to minute 54 out of 61 where Tony Campolo starts in on Friday/Sunday.

For the whole sermon, just watch it here.  I love this guy!

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~Lyss~ said...

haha YESS. My dad is always saying that line!


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