Monday, October 22, 2012

Barak Obama and Mitt Romney - third debate

The presidential debate tonight between Obama and Romney was interesting.

While I deeply appreciate the candidates interest in the global community not participating in or aiding terrorism, I get frustrated with the way the discussion is framed - specifically, the idea that people can be reduced to good/bad and nations as well. But it isn't about that - that's a cover. Tonights comments were about befriending the right nations so our safety and prosperity grow. That's actually domestic policy.

Another crazy idea: "this nation is the hope of the Earth." Seriously? I would say God is that hope. Even I I we're Mormon.

So often the candidates do not engage directly with the challenge of a given question but rather return to talking points and messages that if stated enough times people will believe are true.

And how about Obama giving it to Romney - "we don't need any more bayonets an horses and we don't need any more ships."


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