Monday, November 5, 2012

Elections: Good Samaritan & Zombies.

Last week, my good brother-in-law wrote asking how I understand the elections and the candidates.  A few points from my reply (it should be noted that I haven't followed the pres. race closely or often):
  • Does it make a big difference who you vote for this year? It seems Romeny's and Obama's policies are not so different in many areas, as demonstrated in the debates.
  • Our presidential election process seems broken:
    • It's greatly influenced by whomever can buy the most air time.
    • The candidate that gets put forth by their party is the one the party most believes will win, not necessarily the one they most believe will govern best.
    • Voting for a third, fourth or fifth party candidate (if they're on your states ballot) may get that nominee up to 2 or 3% of popular vote.  How'd we get to only 2 choices?
  • It seems the Democrat bias toward social programs aimed at the poor best line up with Jesus' words in respond to the question: "who is my neighbor?" (of course, typical Jesus, he was speaking about a personal responsibility rather than a corporate one)
  • Thinking Obama is turning the country into a socialist nation is misdirected. First, our economy does not employ pure capitalism. Second, there are broad cultural shifts toward blending of various types of economies (much like has happened in Europe).
  • As this post points out, Obama hasn't messed it up and we have made some progress under this administration (of course not as much as promised!).

Two videos - an important warning about the Zombie Apocalypse in the second:

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