Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Asian Itinerary

08 Oct. NYC to Hong Kong
09 Oct. Hong Kong to New Delhi
Arrive in New Delhi 10 Oct., 2am

While in India we plan to:
- Travel to Nepal and trek in the Himalayas
- Spend time in Calcutta, home of Mother Theresa
- Visit Varanasi, home of all sorts of ancient religion including the burning Ghats
- Visit Agra, home of the Taj Mahal
- Begin to understand the immense diversity that exists in this subcontinent that hosts a sixth
of the worlds population
- Begin to experience what God is doing here and how we are connected to that.

05 Nov. New Delhi to Hong Kong
05 Nov. Hong Kong to Jakarta
Arrive in Indonesia 05 Nov. at 8pm

While in Indonesia we plan to:
- Travel across the island of Java to Surabaya, where Troy lives
- Spend a lot of time with Amber's brother, Troy (we miss him)
- Connect with Mennonites there
- Again, seek to experience and understand how God is moving and how we are involved
- Get some relaxation

27 Nov. Surabaya to Hong Kong
Arrive in China, 27 Nov. at 1:55pm

While in Hong Kong we plan to SHOP :)

01 Dec. Hong Kong to NYC
Arrive home in the USA 01 Dec. 12:10pm

Perhaps we'll spend the night in NYC before making the trek back to the Green Mountains

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