Saturday, October 4, 2008

Why Asia?

I recently wrote to a friend in an email...

As for Asia – we’re going to spend a week trekking in the Himilayas, about two and a half weeks connecting with various Christians in India (northeast primarily) and three weeks with Mennonites in Indonesia. The time in Indonesia is primarily to catch up with Amber’s brother. If I were to sum up the trip I would state three purposes:
1) To kick this recent marriage to Amber off with a big celebration
2) To get a break from camp, hoping to come at a capital campaign renewed and with focus
3) To see how God is moving in the East


Lisa said...

Wow guys! Thanks for the email update you sent me! How exciting for you both! I didn't realize Troy was in Indonesia! My cousin and his family are missonaries in Indonesia as well. Will you do me a favor when you're in China??? Please bring back my new nephew that we are waiting for??? :) Keith's sister & husband are adopting and we are just waiting now!!
I am so excited for you both! What a great opportunity you have! I will check back to your blog to see how things are going!!
love & prayers,
Lisa (Kegg) Carpenter :)

Sandy and Lon said...

Bon voyage, you two! How exciting! You'll be talking about this trip for the rest of your lives. We look forward to reading your posts--safe travels, and Godspeed!
Lon, Sandy, David, and Abby


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