Sunday, August 23, 2009

Geico - Update

So, I am moving forward with the bike registration process. Get this - I'm driving in to town with my bike on the trailer. Just before the DMV I get pulled over for not having my trailer lights hooked up. Then, through a mess of disorganization I hand the cop last year's car and trailer registration. He calls me out, then I dig some more and find this year's reg. info (summer always leaves my personal stuff a bit disorganized). After sitting in his car for a few minutes the cop produces for me two warnings - he wants to see proof of inspection for the trailer and a current proof of insurance (speaking of Geico... they don't send me stuff in the mail... I have to print. I should stop trying to save them money). After apologizing I head on my way to the DMV. I arrive and have 8 minutes to complete my transaction before they close which is a problem because I left my check book at home!

I run to the Dunkin Doughnuts to get enough cash to pay the fees. What, car expired?! I have a flash back to a few weeks ago when I got a new debit card in the mail and at that point I wondered why they were sending it to me - light bulb goes on in my head. 4 minutes to go until DMV closes. I rush down the road to my bank to get out cash in person. They give me the cash after asking for ID and I head back to the DMV. They're closed, of course. They're never open except for Wednesdays when they stay open until 6pm... very generous of them.

The guy at the DMV comes out when I knock and hands me my paperwork back (I told him to hold it for me and start working on it because I planned to be back in time).

Then, I drop my bike off at the shop to get it inspected (without proof of insurance OR registration... he said I can give it to him when I pick it up). He tells me that he'll inspect it but I should technically have turn signals.

That night, having dinner with my neighbors, I tell them the story. Steve says - maybe you shouldn't ride that bike on the road. He quickly says he's kidding. But, after all that, I'm wondering the same. Is this Murphy's Law at work? Is there more to the story?

We'll find out.


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