Thursday, August 20, 2009


So I've been thinking about registering and licensing my dirt bike for a few years now. I mean how cool - to ride on and off the road on the same bike?

So, this week I broke the clutch handle on the bike. I called the shop that does work for me on occasion and asked them to inspect the bike as well as do the usual annual stuff. Then, I called the VT DMV and found out what I had to do to get it registered. So, now I'm at the last step - insurance. I go to (don't tell Chad Yoder) and I start entering my most private information from S.S. # to waist size to birth right. Then, they give me a number. I'm pleased that I can insure my bike for $100/year so I purchase the insurance. Something didn't go right so they tell me to call this number. I call the number (it's 11:55pm now) and I get an answer right away. She walks me through the process and after 10 minutes of being on the phone, I have insurance that I can print off and take with me tomorrow when I get my bike inspected. Strange. And, what's even better, the end of my transaction ends with an automated payment voice and when he's done with me, he says in his computer animated sort of way, thank you for using Geico. We really appreciate your business and are glad you continue to use us.

I mean, who thought of this system? How do they make it work? How can they seemingly have endless human and technological resources to be able to insure anything I own at any time of day and night within less than an hour? It's absolutely incredible. And so I can't decide - is this really great or does this represent almost all that's wrong with us?


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