Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Beacon of Light

I was very nervous to come back to India after enjoying Nepal so much. The beauty, the friendliness, the comfort all seemed in stark contrast to our first experience in New Delhi, India. And Kolkata has more people in less space. In my mind I could not see how the return to India could be more comfortable than our first stay. But after spending close to 24 hours here in Kolkata, India is redeeming herself. Maybe I was more prepared for the trash, the smell, the heckling, the beggars and the homeless, maybe springing for the midrange hotel vs the budget added to my comfort level, maybe sharing a cab and dinner with 2 guys from Belgium who also did not enjoy their experience in Delhi (especially the "Delhi Belly") was helpful in the adjstment back to India, but I think the most helpful in the adjustment back to India was visiting the Sisters of Charity, founded by Mother Theresa. We passed quite a few Christian Churches. Bible verses were displayed outside the churches, "I am the way the truth and the life" and the life of giving and caring displayed inside the mission. God is here, hard to find, but here. Looking forward to spending a day at the mother house in a few days...

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