Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One week since we left the states and I find myself overwhelmed! So much to take in, so many emotions, so many fears, so many sights and smells. From driving by cows, trash and people on the streets our first night in Delhi, to connecting with the Stolzfus's, a wonderful Mennonite family from Lancaster, and getting their perspective of life in India, to worshiping in a Christian church in the language of Hindi, to an overnight train ride with 2 Indian men snoring above us, to cramming 15 people in a jeep for a 2 hour ride to the border to cross into Nepal...and I'm not left with a feeling of, after this we can handle anything, I'm left with the feeling, Oh dear, what adventure will come next!

I'm left assured that there will be continued adventures. I'm sure I will feel many more emotions in the days to come including stomach issues and fear but also a complete sense of wonder at this great big world God has created, a sense of wonder at how people live so much differently than me, with much less, yet they survive from day to day...And a continued desire for the comfort I am accustomed to. We leave for a 7 day trek tomorrow where comfort will be limited and people will be different. And I'm excited for this next adventure, scared and nervous, but confident God will continue to move....

I could write more and I will at some point, but for now I ask for continued prayers as we explore this side of the world.

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ben wideman said...

Just discovered the blog. Very cool way to stay connected. Keep the updates rolling!


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