Saturday, October 25, 2008


Nepal has never been colonized. And it’s obvious! As one of the poorest countries in the world, they’re doing great. Sure, everything is dirty and dusty and very few have enough to have adequate living space or extra food but, almost everyone has food and almost everyone has a living space. They don’t think of themselves as extremely poor, they are happy as a nation and relatively successful. Most people, including mountain villages, have running water (they channel it from running streams near their house and run it with black flexible piping to just near their doorstep). Some of the upper castes and nearly all hotels have hot water. They use solar power to heat the water and put the black tank on the top of the building so that they don’t need a pump to get the water to the shower. The food is outstanding, the people very friendly and kind and they don’t seem to hate tourists like some nations do. I have a sense that almost all of this ingenuity, sense of pride and openness has something to do with the fact that no other people group ever came in to tell them how to live and to give them a set of expectations that they couldn’t own. Wow, how wonderful when we let each other become us!

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