Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Abort Video - head to HK

Hey all, bad news. Something is wrong with my video camera. It's having trouble playing back. So, I've finally finished all the trekking videos (all though I haven't posted two) and began working on some current stuff. But, in the middle of it my camera refused to play back. So, I can't get the footage off the camera to edit it to share it with you - crap!

Good news is two-fold (in the Kingdom, the good news always outweighs the bad):
1) I'm going to post a bunch of videos after arrival home in less than a week (that's right, we're headed back to VT 1 December).

2) We've got more pictures uploaded... check it out

Sitting with a Lion at Taman Safari
From Surabaya

"Mr. Crab" eating crabs at a famous crab house (my host mom called me Mr. Crab since that day)
From Surabaya

Looking at Bromo (a volcano outside of Surabaya, Indonesia)
From Surabaya

Riding on a traditional Indonesian Becak (pronounced Pechak)
From Central Java - Semarung, Yogyakarta

Tomorrow, we head to Hong Kong. Already we're looking at less than 6 hours of sleep and we haven't even begun packing yet. Yikes! Plan is to stay at Bethany Ministries Guest House.

OK, talk to you soon.


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