Tuesday, November 25, 2008

People of Faith

Brandon and I had the opportunity to share about camp multiple times since our time in Indonesia. We showed pictures a couple of times at Pelangi, the Christian school Troy teaches at, we described our work to some of his classes at Petra and also to various people we’ve met along the way. Each time we shared that many of the campers practice minimal religion we were met with blank stares. One of the clear differences between Asia and America seems to be the consistent faith in a higher power. Christianity is by far the minority, yet the majority of people seem to believe in some major religion. Some higher being. Be it Hindu, Islam, Buddhist or Christian, the people here believe. Most of the people we’ve explained camp to don’t seem to understand the idea of no religion. What do they base their life on? What principles guides their daily decisions? I’m not sure if one avenue is better than another, Hinduism and the practice of belief in many gods and myths or belief in nothing, only one’s self. I’m struck even more that the answer to that question is not to consume my thoughts, instead, to learn how to love like Jesus, in the spirit of the differences, no matter what continent we find ourselves on, loving like Jesus, this is what I want to focus on.

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