Thursday, November 20, 2008

Brief schedule update - Bali

So tomorrow, we're headed to Bali. I'm excited. Everyone we've met in Indonesia has asked us whether we've been to Bali yet (it's the prime vacation spot, apparently). So, we're going for three days and taking a break from shadowing Troy. That said, we've had quite a lot of fun following Troy around, helping him teach etc. Really enjoying it. And what a great model of a man following Jesus.

Sorry we haven't written much. Cheeks is going to post soon and I have lots of thoughts, just not lots of time to write them here. Soon.

Much love.

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sgodshall said...

Wow!!! It looks like you guys are on quite the adventure!!! It has been so great to follow along on your travels and see all the incredible life changing experiences you are having. I can't wait to talk to you more about your trip when you get back to the area. I hope you had some relaxing days in Bali!


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